Winegrower core is the implementation of the light and embeddable OSGi model. It intends to respect OSGi programming model except the classloading one. It means you can use Activator, scr etc…​without isolation which boots the packaging and deployment of your application.

Entry point

The entry point is the Ripener class which is the "container" API. The nested Ripener.Impl class is one implementation you can use out of the box.


Ripener takes a Ripener.Configuration configuration as parameter.


which valid bundles must be ignored. Useful when some bundles are conflicting like JAX-RS whiteboard of Apache Aries and the native CXF bundles.


a filter on OSGi bundles. It will behave as ignoredBundles but is intended to host bundles which don’t need to be bundles (like commons-*) and keep your configuration readable.


the list of implementation of ManifestContributor to create a manifest on the fly for not OSGi bundle jars.


a sorted list of bundles which will be started before others.


exclusions for non OSGi jars scanning.


inclusions for non OSGi jars scanning.


where to create temporary files when a bundle needs it.

Package default configuration

The configuration is taken from the agent by default but you can also embed some default values for your convenience. This is done providing a in the agent classloader. It takes the same configuration as the agent.

you can also pass winegrower.service.* properties in this file.