The Apache Winegrower agent provides a Javaagent which will starts Winegrower Ripener class.

It uses the same configuration as other extensions and it is read from the agent args.


With configuration it can look like:


You can see the available options and their actual values activating the debug mode which will log the whole configuration:


Select your "distribution"

The java agent is just starting a ripener but it does not provide any library. To do that you have to set libs parameter of the agent. You can use core or jaxrs prebuilt binaries (point to their lib folder once the zip exploded):


If you pick the JAX-RS distribution for instance and unpack it in /opt/winegrower/jaxrs and write a plugin (let say a JAX-RS whiteboard endpoint) then you can deploy the following plugin using the JAX-RS distribution using this JVM configuration:

-javaagent:winegrower-agent.jar=libs=/opt/user/plugin,/opt/winegrower/jaxrs/lib|ignoredBundles=cxf \

The configuration is the one needed for JAX-RS whiteboard and is propagated to the Ripener instance started by the java agent.

Also note that you can pass isolatedlibs option as well for libraries added - as for libs but not appended to the system loader. This enables to start the ripener with more libraries but not leak them in the main application.

Configuration keys

Note: see core configuration for more details on how to use these configuration entries.

  • ignoredBundles

  • jarFilter

  • manifestContributors

  • prioritizedBundles

  • scanningExcludes

  • scanningIncludes

  • workDir

It also support the specific configuration libs which takes either a folder which is converted in the list of contained jars or directly some jar paths. The paths are appended to the system classloader before the Ripener is started. It allows to explode some distribution and start it without having to do a fatjar or so of the distribution.